Over Twenty-One Year's Experience Making Dream Homes.

We've been helping people make their dream homes, guest rooms, and suites throughout Jerusalem and the Greater Jerusalem Area. Our Portfolio is constantly expanding, as we satisfy our customers.

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Part IV -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- AFTER IsraHome Construction
Take a look at the finished property -- a stunning, two-story, luxury Safed property. Three bedrooms, a gigantic Living room,…
Part III -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- Under Active IsraHome Construction
Helmets on! Here are shots of the property undergoing active construction. IsraHome tore down walls, ceilings and floors. IsraHome opened…
Part II -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- THE PLAN for IsraHome
Here is the Design plan submitted to IsraHome.…
Part I -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- BEFORE IsraHome Began Construction
IsraHome turned this aged, two-story flat into a luxurious, stylish, marble-finish-and-shine dream property. Here is the unit BEFORE IsraHome began…