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Recent Entries

Part IV -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- AFTER IsraHome Construction
Take a look at the finished property -- a stunning, two-story, luxury Safed property. Three bedrooms, a gigantic Living room,…
Part III -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- Under Active IsraHome Construction
Helmets on! Here are shots of the property undergoing active construction. IsraHome tore down walls, ceilings and floors. IsraHome opened…
Part II -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- THE PLAN for IsraHome
Here is the Design plan submitted to IsraHome.…
Part I -- Tzfat Luxury Property -- BEFORE IsraHome Began Construction
IsraHome turned this aged, two-story flat into a luxurious, stylish, marble-finish-and-shine dream property. Here is the unit BEFORE IsraHome began…